Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wizard of Oz Party

     Oh, what fun it would be to have girls! Parties would be a blast to plan. A Wizard of Oz themed party is definitely on my list of 'things I would do if I planned girl parties'.  Since I don't have to do that I thankfully have fun friends that plan their daughters parties and then let me post the pictures. My friend, Janet, is also a photographer.....yeah, don't you hate multi-talented people. I know. Seriously. Check out all of her fun photos on her blog Vintage Frame Photography. She also recently started giving photography tips on there which is totally fun for wannabes like me!

                         It's not a real Wizard of Oz party unless The Scarecrow and Glinda come to visit!

Party table...hello Toto....don't get blown away in the tornado!  

Totally awesome cupcakes!! What kid wouldn't want to eat a dead witch! So fun!

Hello, pretty Glinda!

Yes! Ruby slipper cookies, my favorite!

Notice anything? This photo makes me laugh. I bet the kids got a kick out of that.

Pin the tail on the lion.

The little birthday girl even got to dress up as Dorothy! She's prettier than the real Dorothy though.

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Karen said...

I about died laughing when I saw your upside-down cupcake with witches feet curling out. You are awesome.