Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Night Owl Party

If you thought the owl cupcakes were adorable that I posted yesterday, you are going to absolutely love this "Night Owl" themed slumber party. It's hard to find cute themes for the tween girls and I thought this was so creative and fun. What a talented mom to put such a great party together. This first picture is of the table that was made into a bed.....I love it!

What a cute birthday girl!

Her mom made all the adorable owl decorations.

What, owl pillows?! I'm so in love with this party!

Of course! You have to have s'mores!

And don't forget the healthy food. We don't want to set a bad example now, do we :)

 Can this party get any better....

 Sorry for the small picture....but do you recognize these totally awesome cupcakes! Yes, I'm related to the girl that made those. Well, legally at least....

Looks like the birthday girl is having a blast! Mission accomplished! I loved it! Thanks for sharing this fun birthday!


Kelly L said...

Very cute!!

Wendy Moreno said...

The hostess actually came up with the idea for those owl pillows and made up the pattern herself. I am going to make her share her secrets with the rest of us!

Val said...

That would be awesome Wendy!